About British Eating League

The British Eating League was created on the back of nearly a decade long dream of Founder Craig Harker. His love and passion for great food and live entertainment made him dream of seeing competitive eating mainstream.

Fast-forward to 2020 and his dream finally materialised in the form of The British Eating League. Now this year will go down in history because of covid but it will also be the year competitive eating was officially started in the U.K and sponsors like FoodHub realised the potential of this sport.

With a long way to go and a lot of food to get through this is only the start, but as we continue to grow so will the sport and the amount of lives it changes by tackling obesity and food poverty. The pillars of the Leagues social responsibility. Working under C.E.G.A we operate a zero food waste programme and also educate people on healthy life choices, and yes a 10,000 calorie burger challenge is included!
We hope you join us for the eaters fighting it out to be Britain's number one or even join in to see how you woudl fair against the very best. 

The B.E.L Team